Are signals suitable for a beginner?

We have many members who are new to trading. When you sign up we will send you an email explaining exactly how the signal service works. You can also email me with any questions that you have.

What currency pairs do you trade?


What stop loss do you use?

The typical stop loss is 15-20 pips depending on the FX pair, current volatility and expected duration of trade.

What is your risk to reward ratio?

The stop loss is around 15-20 pips and the target is usually over 50-70 pips so the risk to reward ratio is usually over 1:4

How many signals are there per day?

There are usually 2-5 signals per day

How many pips do you make per week?

We aim for around 100-200pips per week.

Do I need to use MetaTrader 4

We use MT4 but you can use any platform or broker that you like.

Do you trade binary options?

We are generally not a fans of binary options. We find it is better to trade Forex the normal way.

Is there a trade copier service?

We do not currently offer a trade copier service but it is very easy to follow the signals. Many members use a trading app on their phone.

Can I contact you by telephone / skype?

We initially had a telephone contact but it proved too time consuming as many people want to discuss all kinds of things, especially during the day when I am trading. So we decided to only have email contact. We find this a better form of contact anyway as we can provide focused answers and people ask focused questions. We usually respond to emails very quickly.