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Comprehensive and structured learning

Everything you need to conquer Forex !

We provide comprehensive Forex training for beginners and advanced traders. You will learn all about Forex, master our trading strategy and can even follow our trade signals. We want to you become a Forex success.

Forex Mentor

By joining us, you will be mentored by a highly experienced Forex trader. You can have the support and knowledge you need to thrive at Forex trading

Forex Guide + Strategy

Our Forex trading guide will teach you everything you need to know about Forex. Most importantly you will learn our powerful Forex trading strategy

Leading Forex Signals

The best ways to learn how our Forex strategy works is to follow us trading with it! With our Forex signals you can follow every trade we take

High Performance

We are proud of the strong trading results that we have achieved and we want give you the skills to you need to succeed at Forex

Everything you need

Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive Forex training and personal support so that you can truly prosper in the Forex markets

Highly Recommended

Members highly recommend our structured approach to Forex training and many have greatly benefited from our help.

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Perfect for beginners and improvers

Learn all the basics and use our powerful Forex strategy

Whether your a newbie or an experienced trader looking to get an edge – our comprehensive Forex guide will teach you everything you need to know

Step 1: Learn how to trade

Our Forex guide will provide all the tools you need

Everything you need in one guide

Learn how the Forex market really works

This is a complete course in how to trade Forex; from the very basics to the advanced trading strategy that we use to trade with. We will teach you everything you need to know

Powerful Forex Strategy

We will teach you the powerful Forex strategy that we have developed. All details will be clearly provided so that you can see exactly how we trade

Step 2: Follow our trades

Follow our trades and see our Forex strategy in action

See how an experienced trader tackles the FX market

Forex Signals

We will send you the details of every trade we take in real time. You can ‘look over the shoulder’ of an experienced trader and see how we implement our trading strategy

High Performance

We aim for consistent long term growth. As you can see from our MyFXbook chart, our trading results were very strong during the recent test period.

[cherry_services super_title=”Step 3: Practice With Ongoing Support” title=”Develop and practice your skills while we support you all the way” subtitle=”Our three step program aims to give you all the skills you need to succeed at Forex. We will support you at every step and you can always contact us if you need any additional help” columns=”3″ columns_laptop=”3″ columns_tablet=”1″ columns_phone=”1″ posts_per_page=”3″ category=”” id=”” excerpt_length=”30″ more=”yes” more_text=”Learn more” more_url=”https://www.0toproforexschool.com/forex-guide/” ajax_more=”yes” pagination=”false” show_title=”yes” show_media=”yes” show_content=”yes” show_item_more=”yes” item_more_text=”” show_filters=”false” image_size=”post-thumbnail” template=”default” use_space=”yes” use_rows_space=”yes”]
Forex education covered
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Get the edge in Forex trading

Comprehensive and structured learning​

Learn how the Forex market really works and use this knowledge to conquer the Forex markets

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What People Say?


Very well thought out & logical strategy – fantastic customer service

Happy member

Excellent course, well written with precise rules and extremely helpful if required

C Scarlett

Very detailed strategy, very professional, well worth the money.


Very well presented and informative course.

Mr Rickez

This is the best system I have seen. The signal service is also outstanding.

Stephen M

Strategy makes a lot of sense. Easy to implement. A+++++

M Dziki

Great system. Great support. Thank you


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